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Berenberg Polo Derby Hamburg

Tournament: Berenberg Polo Derby Hamburg Club: Hamburguer PC Date: June, 23-25 Handicap: 12 WPT Challenge:- Team Berenger  12   Daniel Crasemann 1 Caesar Crasemann 3 Marcos Riglos 5 Heinrich Dumrath 3 Team Porsche Zentrum  11   Christian Grimme 0

Bucherer Polo Cup

Tournament: Bucherer Polo Cup Club: Frankfurt Date: May, 19-21 Handicap: 6 WPT Challenge:- Bucherer    6   Andreas Walher 0 Edward John Morris Lowe 3 Christopher Kirsch 3 Maximilian Singhoff 0 Hajo   6   Isabel von Morgenstern 0 Ingo von Morgen

Ireland emerges victorious

Ireland emerges victorious after a flawless championship. Tom Tailor sieges gold at the Maifeld Polo Cup. One of the most memorable weekends of this European polo season has come to an end, and spectators and players experienced a unique double-champions


European Championship

Tournament: European Championship Club: Maidfield Stadium, Berlin, Germany Date: August, 28-September 4 Handicap: 8 WPT Challenge:-   Germany     8   Niklas Steinle 0 Caesar Crasemann 2 Caspar Crasemann 3 Heinrich Dumrath 3 Poland    6  


Schockemoehle Polo Stud

Located in Muehlen almost near the border with The Netherlands, Schockemoehle Polo Stud is offering a wide array of services combined by a perfect laid back atmosphere and top notch facilities, a combination that offers their clients and patrons a “


Bucherer High Goal Cup

Tournament: Bucherer High Goal Cup Club: Aspern Date: July, 1-3 Handicap: 12 WPT Challenge:- Bucherer    11   Andreas Walter 0 Max Bosch 3 Christopher Kirsch 3 Lucas Di Paola 5 Wiessner 11/12   O. Winter/C.Winter 1/2 Thomas Winter 4 Pablo Jauret