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Copa Republica, Semifinals set

Today in Palermo and Pilar the winners of each zone of the Copa República were defined and Semifinals are set. Zone A: Surprisingly, the Coronel Suarez (10 goals) boys honored their historical shirt and triumphed in the three games, thus, securing a spo


Copa Tte. Gral. Bartolome Mitre (H) y (A)

Tournament: Copa Tte. Gral. Bartolome Mitre (A) y (H) Club: AAP Date: March, 10-28 Handicap: 13-20 WPT Challenge:1000 Zone 1 Martindale Betania        19   Juan Calafell Campos 4 Manuel Calafell Campos 4 Santiago Loza 6 Nicolas Recaite 5 Marti


Copa Beguerie (A) Lainez (H)

Tournament: Copa Beguerie (A) Lainez (H) Club: AAP Date: March, 6-29 Handicap: 12 WPT Challenge:500 Zone 1 La Natividad El Olivito      12   Nicolas Corti Maderna (h) 6 Felipe Dabas 1 Juan Jose Storni 5 Juan Miguel Torres Garrote 0 La Natividad


Copa Comienzo

Tournament: Copa Comienzo Club: AAP Date: March,6 -30 Handicap: 0-6 WPT Challenge: Zone 1 La Aguada     5   Lucas Bosch 1 Cruz Novillo Astrada 2 Felipe Pistone 1 Tomas Pistone 1 La Natividad    6   Bartolome Castagnola (h) 3 Camilo Castagno


RH in La Dolfina

RH beat Puesto Viejo in a very tough duel and was crowned winner in the Second Stage of Argentina Polo Tour La Dolfina 2016. Ben Soleimani’s team took the lead from the start to the very end and won easily 12-5 against Puesto Viejo. Bartolome Cas


Copa Republica, second day, same winners

On the second day of action of the Copa Republica, the winners were repeated, and now are off to define in Monday which teams will secure spots in the semifinals. The Highlight of the Day were the 34 goals scored by La Natividad, and the second defeat o


Copa Juan Carlos Harriott (High Goal)

Tournament: Copa Juan Carlos Harriott Club: Coronel Suarez Polo Club Date: February, 11-14 Handicap: 16 WPT Challenge: 500 El Milagro Escorihuela Gascon    16   Federico Tomasevich 0 Fermin Iturrioz 4 Juan Jose Araya 6 Sebastian Harriott 6 C.S. C


Copa Cañuelas

Tournament: Copa Cañuelas Club: Puesto Viejo Polo Club Date: January, 27-February, 6 Handicap: 8 WPT Challenge: Zone A La Union    8   Mario Soria 1 TBA 1 Pedro Soria 5 Hernan Dotzel 1 La Justina 8   Hector Canzani 1 Gonzalo Amigo 0 Agustin Ba


Copa Rafael Forrester

Tournament: Copa Rafael Forrester Club: Puesto Viejo Polo Club Date: March, 11-22 Handicap: 8 WPT Challenge: Zone A Puesto Viejo     8   Jeremy Baker 1 Luciano Mayor 0 TBA 1 Santiago de Estrada 6 Campo Lindo   8   Carl Schoenfeldt 0 Anton Scho