Daily Archives: December 21, 2017

Cedric Schweri finally got his Hublot watch!

Four times Cedric Schweri already tried to win the Gold Cup and the Hublot watch that goes with it. His father even said it might be easier to just buy one rather then try to win it playing the tournament. But Cedric knew the fifth time would be the right


Berenberg Polo Derby Hamburg

Tournament: Berenberg Polo Derby Hamburg Club: Hamburguer PC Date: June, 23-25 Handicap: 12 WPT Challenge:- Team Berenger  12   Daniel Crasemann 1 Caesar Crasemann 3 Marcos Riglos 5 Heinrich Dumrath 3 Team Porsche Zentrum  11   Christian Grimme 0

USPA La Martina Intra-Circuit Round 1

Five competitive teams are in the hunt for the most prestigious 12 goal tournament played at the Santa Barbara Polo Club, the USPA La Martina Intra Circuit. Klentner Ranch, Farmers & Merchants Bank and Mokarow Farms join Why Not and Brookland Plantati


IPC 2017

Tournament: IPC 2017 Club: Polo Club Saint Tropez Date: July, 6-16 Handicap: 15 WPT Challenge:-   MonteCarlo Polo Team   15   Rommy Giani 1 Thomas Barrack 1 Ignacio Figueras 6 Dario Musso 7 Antelope  15   Geoffrey Palmer 0 Ignacio Kennedy 4