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Abierto de la Araucaria 2017

Torneo: Abierto de la Araucaria Club: Araucaria Polo Club Fecha: Marzo, 14-19 Handicap: 16 WPT Challenge:- Araucaria   15   Marcos Dartiguelongue 1 Tomas Dartiguelongue 5 Gaston Dartiguelongue 4 Juan Dartiguelongue 5 El Remanso   16   Jack Ki

Madelon Bourdieu Memorial 2017

Tournament: Madelon Bourdieu Memorial Club: Grand Champions Date: March Handicap: 0-6 WPT Challenge:-   Series One Grand Champions    6   Grant Ganzi 2 Will Jacobs -1 Jesse Bray 5 Santos Bollini 0 The Polo School   6   Jeff Desich -1 Rich D


Copa Comienzo 2017 (A) y (H)

Torneo: Copa Comienzo 2017 Club: AAP Fecha: Marzo, 11-30 Handicap: 0-6 WPT Challenge:- Zona 1 Tortugas    6   Mateo Fiorito 0 Andrea Mortilla 1 Fernando Fourcade (n) 2 Simon Prado 3 Martindale   6   Cristobal O´Connor 0 Enrique Martin (h) 1 To

Grand Champions Remains Undefeated With 10-6 Victory

By Darlene Ricker The 2017 Joe Barry Memorial continued Sunday with a double-header at the International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC). Grand Champions Polo Club defeated Coca-Cola 10-6 in the featured match on  the Engel & Völkers field. In the prec