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The Queens Cup #Day2 Wins for La Indiana and RH

Lots of interest in day two of the Cartier Queen’s Cup. Firstly, two new Queen’s Cup patrons in action – Alessandro Bazzoni’s Monterosso Polo Team were up first, followed by Corinne Ricard’s Murus Sanctus in the afternoon. There was also plenty


Circuito Trenque Lauquen 2017

Torneo: Circuito Trenque Lauquen 2017 Club: Trenque Lauquen PC, AAP Fecha: Febrero, 24-26 Handicap: 0-40 WPT Challenge:-   Trenque Lauquen  14   Juan Manuel Garcia  Grossi 0 Pierre Jauretche 2 Robi Bilbao 5 Juan Agustin Garcia Grossi 7 La Maria