The 2017 Burger King Juniors International Polo Tournament and Caymanas Pony Club Rally


The 12th Annual Burger King JIPT was held along with the 2nd CPC Rally at the St. Ann Polo Club, Drax Hall on Saturday, July 8, 2017, featuring nearly all the equestrian activities offered on the island.

The future of Jamaican & Peruvian polo took to the field and were introduced to Ricardo Brooks of Burger King, who threw in the 1st ball. Burger King were represented by Cameron Singh Wates (just 10 years old), Zachary Byles, Conrad Chin & Matias De La Piedra (Peru) while Jacob Rousseau, Savannah Hussey, Fabiana Byles and Jonathan Hew played for Toby’s Resort.

Burger King dominated the first half of the game, despite Rousseau scoring the 1st goal of the day, with a goal by Zac Byles and 2 from Piedra (14), who was impressive. Matias flew in on Friday afternoon, played horses he’d never seen before, on a strange field and with people he didn’t know prior to the match. Toby’s managed to stay in touch, holding Burger King to a 3.5–2 score at half time. Burger King went quiet, and scoreless in the 3rd chukka and Toby’s levelled the score. Despite Burger King pushing hard in the 4 th chukka, Hussey stole the win for Toby’s by converting a Penalty 2 in the dying seconds of the match.

Fabiana Byles was deservedly MVP, scoring 2 of Toby’s goals and racing up and down the field in both attack and defense.

Heidi Lalor, from Caymanas Pony Club, presented the much appreciated prizes from Polo Gear to the participants and CPJ wines to the officials. Shane Chin thanked the huge crew that made the day happen and our main sponsor Burger King , including Chukka who will be entertaining the youngsters on their Good Hope tours during the week Matias is here.

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