Bentley Motors Royal Windsor Cup #Day3

Mark Tomlinson (Apes Hill)

Friday 9, Bentley Motors Royal Windsor Cup #Day3

League 3: Apes Hill 11-6 Shalimar

Isidro Strada-Jack Richardson

Apes Hill (15): Luke Wiles 1, Tommy Severn 2, Luke Tomlinson 6, Isidro Strada 6.

Shalimar (15): Kassem Shafi 0, Ed Hitchman 4, Jack Richardson 6, Vieri Antinori 5.

Saturday 10 #Day4

10.oohs Les Lions vs King Power (League 5)

11.00hs Altamira/Madams Farm vs Four Quarters Orange (League 3)

15.00hs Emlor C vs GSA (League 5)

16.30hs Ballinger Polo Team vs Emlor S (League 1)

Photos: Ana Clara Cozzi

To see all the Teams and results click here

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