Tex8n Polo winners of Spring Tournament at Guards Polo Club

Tex8n Polo (Mindi Byrne, D´artagnan Giercke, Nicolas San Roman, Fabio Lavinia) winners of the Spring Tournament, beating Los Alquimistas (Anthony Donovan, Sebastian Hancock, Temur Nadeem, Facundo Guevara) 5-4, at Guards Polo Club.

Facundo Guevara (Los Alquimistas)-Nicolas San Roman (Tex8n Polo)

The Subsidiary Final went to Conosco (Jeremy Pemberton, Jamie Grayson, Mark Emerson, Tom Brodie) after a 9-6 win against Los Lobos (David Lewis, Charles Cadogan, Ralph Richardson, Will Emerson).

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Photos: Images of Polo

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