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TechnoPolo Cup 2017

Torneo: TechnoPolo Cup Club: TechnoPolo Fecha: Noviembre, 20-Diciembre, 1 Handicap: 12 WPT Challenge:- Zona A Antelope  12   Geoff Palmer 0 Peke Gonzalez 4 Ezequiel Zubiaurre 4 Santiago Trotz 4 La Berta Polo Team  11   Bruno Bensoussan 0 Juan Car


Semi-Finals Set in Gulfstream Pacific Coast Open

With three teams still in the hunt for the fourth and final semi-final position, competition was hot on the field for the final round of bracket play in the Gulfstream Pacific Coast Open. Fans across the country tuned in to see three fierce matchups court


#UK 2017 High Goal Handicap changes

The HPA has introduced separate handicaps for the 22 goal for 2018. This means a player could be rated differently in the 22 goal (higher, lower or the same) as other levels. For international tournaments or overseas the highest handicap will apply. The H