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Copa Republica 2017

Torneo: Copa Republica Argentina Club: AAP Date: Marzo, 16-25 Handicap: 0-40 WPT Challenge:- Zona A Venado Tuerto  26   Felipe Dabas 2 Hilario Ulloa 10 Guillermo Cavanagh (h) 6 Bartolome Castagnola 8 El Chañar  17   Gonzalo Santamarina (h) 1 Bau

Halo Polo Trophy 6 Goal

Tournament: Halo Polo Trophy 6 Goal Club: Grand Champions PC Date: February Handicap: 6 WPT Challenge:-   Bracket A Hawk Hill    12   Philipp Mactaggart 0 Gringo Colombres 6 Nico Diaz Alberdi 0 Poroto Cambiaso 0 Smithfield  5   Craig Call


Final set between La Familia & Thai Polo

The Thai Polo Open resumed at the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club for the last stage of the qualifiers games with two great matches that took place on field 3. Royal Pahang and Axus kicked off the match day. The Malaysian team’s two professional players