Open de France Paprec: Marquard Media holds on to its title!


Swiss team of Tommy Rinderknecht, Marquard Media, won its second and consecutive title in the Open de France Paprec, after an epic game, where the team never seemed to worry, despite the prognostics.

France team of Mochi Chic Polo Team has indeed dominated all its games during the qualification phase, even wiping Marquard Media out (10 to 6). In polo, nothing is ever granted! Alexandre Sztarkman’s men took advantage at the beginning of the encounter, but only hold on during two chukkers and quickly ceded further ground against Martin Aguerre Jr’s determination: “The Open de France is one of my main goal of the season, I would likely say my main goal”, said Mariano Aguerre’s nephew, 8 times Argentine champions with three different teams. Besides, Martin works with his uncle, valuing horses from his breeding stables… and importing some to France occasionally. These last ones made the difference on Sunday at Apremont-Chantilly. “This victory is the result of the investment of my team in these horses, in number and quality, and never ever we had to double them”.


Martin Aguerre-Ignacio Kennedy

During the third period, Martin Aguerre delivered a true feast, scoring four goals in 7 minutes, which one “long distance” and a 40 yards penalty. 7 to 4, the gap widened… but not conclusive because in the fourth period, France handicap 5 Pierre Henri Ngoumou, scoring three goals on penalties, and bringing both teams to a tie. Before Martin Joaquim gives advantage to Marquard Media at the end of the chukker.


Jota Chavanne

In last period, Martin Aguerre, would close the deal by passing long distance a ball to his captain who just needed to push it between the goal, and scoring himself the 10th and ultimate goal of its team to nail the game. Obviously, with 7 goals and a decisive pass, Argentina player was named best man of the game, as one his mare, Machitos Garganta (8), bred obviously by his famous uncle, was named best pony of the game. A great day for the young Argentinian, who will fly on Tuesday to his country to prepare, with Mariano, the Copa Camara, one of the major tournament there where he will see France number 1 Brieuc Rigaux again. The latest will participate for the first time in this prestigious tournament, and will only be the second French in the history to take part of it!

Great Britain Huntington, lead by brilliant Tamara Fox, won the ladies Open de France against France Maryland, despite a huge work of Caroline Anier (4-2). The Trophée Castel, opposing two German teams, was dominated by sisters’ Schröder Las Hermanitas supported by solids Santo Anca and Ignacio Tejerina (8-7).

16th Open de France Paprec :

Marquard Media : Tommy Rinderknecht (0, 1 goal), Jota Chavanne (5, 1 goal), Martin Aguerre Jr (7, 7 goals), Martin Joaquin (4, 1 goal)

Mochi Chic : Nacho Kennedy (3, 1 goal), Pierre-Henri Ngoumou (5, 4 goals), Dario Musso (7, 2 goals), Alexandre Sztarkman (1).

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