We have already written about this polo stud located in Muehlen, Germany, close to the Dutch border, and its top notch facilities that make it a place perfect for patrons to train and improve their skills. The SCHOCKEMOEHLE POLO STUD has a broad offer of mares and stallions for breeding, and their own production of foals is already in training for future auctions.

In this installment, SCHOCKEMOEHLE POLO STUD presents its Polo Argentino horses for breeding, that they selected throughly, looking for excellence throughout the six years of the existence of the Stud. The Polo Argentino breed is a trademark of quality and great performance for polo ponies. These wonderful horses are quick, strong, agile and easy to tame and handle. Breeding of these horses is controlled by the Association of Breeders of Polo Argentino, in the country, and only proven horses are bred to maintain the quality and standards. These are the reasons why Polo Argentino was the obvious choice for the SCHOCKEMOEHLE POLO STUD, that seeks to maintain the type of the breed, with the best bloodlines.

SCHOCKEMOEHLE Polo Stud is working together with the famous Polo Argentino Breeders Los Pingos Del Taita, Dona Sofia and Don Ercole, among others.

All stallions at SCHOCKEMOEHLE POLO STUD are registered in the SRA (Sociedad Rural Argentina) and the Asociación Argentina de Criadores de Caballos de Polo. All foals born at SCHOCKEMOEHLE POLO STUD receive papers that identify them as horses of the breed Polo Argentino.


DS Meteoro: (Open Tres Marías x Ellerstina Picaro) 19/02/2013 – Breeder: Doña Sofía

Ellerstina Picaro is currently one of the top breeding stallions, sire to famous horses like Ellerstina Anselmo (BPP Palm Beach season 2012), Open Pomelo, Open Cibernética (BPP Tortugas Open 2011), and others mostly played by Gonzalo, Facundo and Nicolás Pieres, as well as Sebastián Merlos and Pablo Mac Donough. Forty nine of the Picaro horses have played the Argentine Triple Crown. Open Tres Marías debuted in the high goal with Sapo Caset in 2011.

Gete Rubi: (Frambuesa x Gete Mineral) 6/01/2005 – Breeder: Cría Tanoira

Played in Argentina by 10-goaler David Stirling in some of the most important tournaments in the world, such as the Jockey Club Open and the Argentine Open. Bought at the Heguy auction, this stallion is one of the best that Patrick Maleitzke owns at the moment. The dam, Frambuesa, was played by Javier Tanoira in the Argentine Open. Gete Mineral, the sire, is the son of Pucará, one of the best breeding stallions of Cría Tanoira, one of the founders of the Polo Argentino breed, and father of more than fifty Triple Crown horses.

Ytacua Puente Viejo: (Arequera x Ytacúa Indultito) 4/10/2003 – Breeder: Hugo Rivadaneira, belongs to Cría Ytacua.

This horse has won several BPP awards since it first played in Germany in 2011. There are several horses that have played in the Argentine Open, in Ytacua Puente Viejo’s bloodline. Ytacua Indultito, the sire, is also the sire of Ytacua Ilusión, which has been played by Juan Martín Nero. Ytacua Arequera, his dam, also belongs to Haras Ytacua and was bred by Hugo Rivadaneira.

Taita Nissan: (Dolfina Frontier x Open Chimento) 8/12/2013 –Breeder: Los Pingos del Taita / Juan Cruz Magrini

RESERVED Second time champion at the Rural Palermo exposition 2016. The dam, Dolfina Frontier, is a Great Palermo Champion, and daughter of one of Adolfo Cambiaso’s mares, Dolfina Lapa (played by Cambiaso in the Triple Crown from 2005 to 2012). Dolfina Lapa is one of the best mares of Haras La Dolfina, awarded Best Polo Argentino product in 2012, and one of Cambiaso’s personal favorites. Dolfina Lapa is also the dam of the famous Dolfina Lufthansa and Dolfina Boeing, classified as one of the best breeding stallions in the US. The sire, Open Chimento, was a Grand Champion Polo Argentino at the Rural Society exhibition in 2005. He was ridden in the Triple Crown in 2008 and 2009 by Cambiaso. His paternal line comes from the aforementioned Ellerstina Pícaro.


Don Urbano Galleta: (Don Urbano Gloria x Vasco Mambo) 16/10/2005 – Breeder: Cría Don Urbano, belonging to Alfonso T. Pieres.

Vasco Mambo, the sire, is the brother of Tango, who has played the Triple Crown with Alberto Heguy, and dire to Don Urbano Rolinga, BPP of the 2012 Gold Cup in the UK, and the St. Regis International Match.

Danza Turca: (Tía Marcela x Turco Zaino)

This mare has played the qualification tournament for the Palermo Open and the Jockey Club Open with Tito Ruiz Guiñazú.

Van Experta: (ESPI Ellerstina x Gete Menguante) 4/11/2007- Breeder: La Vanguardia Polo Club

Won prize of Polo Argentino in the 125th edition of the Rural Society Exposition. Gete Menguante is part of the Cría Tanoira, several of his brothers have played the Argentine Open with Facundo Pieres, Santiago Chavanne and David Stirling Jr. His mother, Luna, played with Gonzalo Pieres Sr. at La Espadaña and Ellerstina winning several awards. He is also from the bloodline of the aforementioned Pucará.

Wekuyen Pícara: (Capataz Pila x Penihue Careta) 18/11/2011 – Breeder: Marcelino Suárez for Haras La Corina.

The sire, Penihue Careta played the Argentine Open with Pablo Mac Donough. He the son of Ellerstina Picaro, as mentioned, one of the top breeding stallions, thus coming from one of the best bloodlines around.

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