Hawk Hill wins Eddie Moore Cup at Mashomack Polo Club


Mashomack-Eddie-Moore-Cup-PodioThe Mashomack Polo Club hosted the 19th edition of the Eddie Moore this July-August and the tournament’s final this past Friday August 5th was said by club members, sponsors and even players as being the “most intense match” played at the club.

The finalists were Tres 4s and Hawk Hill. Tres 4s was Duke Buchan, Tommy Biddle, Ezequiel Zubiaurre and Juanse Olivera. The team had won the Eddie Moore back in 2005 and has qualified for the final a total of four other times. The 2016 Mashomack Polo Season was a huge comeback for Duke Buchan and his team. Hawk Hill was Philip Mactaggart, Gringo Colombres, Wesley Finlayson and Kristos Magrini. Hawk Hill lost the final to Heathcote in 2009, and now playing Tres 4s in the 2016 was another chance for Philip Mactaggart and his teammates to win this Eddie Moore and after a remarkable season and a great final, Hawk Hill was finally able to carve its name on the Eddie Moore trophy.

A strong nine teams entered this 2016 Eddie Moore Tournament playing a total of 24 games leading to this the unforgettable final match. Hawk Hill won its bracket 4-0. Tres 4s happened to be in the same bracket as Hawk Hill and finished in second place with a record of 3-1 on the loss to Hawk Hill. Hawk Hill played Buena Vista in the semifinals winning 9-7. Tres 4s played against Smithfield won that game 12-9.

The final was neck and neck up until the very end. In the 6th chukker, Hawk Hill was up 12-11 late in the chukker as the second horn was about to call the end of the game, a safety whistle was blown. With 9 seconds on the clock, Tommy Biddle scored the safety shot tying the match at 12-all, the game was going into overtime. Tension was as high as could be in the extra chukker. As the teams battled for the ball, Gringo Colombres shot a 30-yard open backhander to Wesley Finlayson. Wesley instantly caught the ball, tapped it twice, and scored the winning goal for Hawk Hill. Excitement from everyone carried out through the award ceremony with much appreciation for both teams.

Gringo Colombres was MVP and accepted Best Playing Pony award for Coquito. The top scorer of the entire tournament was Tatin Zubiaurre of Heatcote, with a total of 41 goals.

By Millie Olivera

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