Ladies Cup by the Polo Club Zug


Last weekend saw the 1st Ladies Cup at the still very young Polo Club Zug, Switzerland, which was only founded 2 years ago and today has 18 members.

The Ladies Cup was only the second official tournament at the club and also their first SPA tournament.

Ladies from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Argentina came together for this inaugural tournament. While Mercedes Prario flew in from Argentina for this tournament, Antonia Fichtner came with her ponies from Munich.

Among the ladies were also 4 juniors, some of whom played their very first tournament.
To create even matches and give newcomers to a real polo tournament a fair and fun team pairing the club decided to split the 4 teams into 2 leagues.

Both leagues saw fast and hard fought matches on both days.
Team Ladurée, with the Club´s president Viviane Sauter was troubled by bad luck on day one which saw them loose against team Magnola 1:4, and even though the final day was by far better for them, the ladies of Team Magnola showed great skill and power, thus securing their win 5:3 against Viviane Sauter and her team.

In the second league, sponsored by Luzerne´ juweler Embassy and the swiss company Rausch, Team Rausch captained by Morgan van Overbroek from Belgium won 5 :2½ und 5:1 against the girls from the Legacy Polo Club in Team Embassy, who compensated their lack of tournament experience by putting up a tough fight against their more experienced opponents.

Over the weekend more than 200 visitors from Switzerland and neighbouring countries cheered on their teams and made this 1st Ladies Cup at the Polo Club Zug a great success, again in a very familiar atmosphere.

The next tournament on the agenda in Zug will be the 2nd Porsche Zentrum Zug Polo Cup, from Septemer 9th to 11th, which will host 6 teams this year and will be held over three days.


League 1

Team Magnola:  Nina Frühauf -2, Amelie Müller -1, Florence Müller 0, Laura Fass 0

Team Ladurée: Lorena Renggli -2, Antonia Fichtner -1, Viviane Sauter 0, Mercedes Prario 0

League 2

Team Embassy: Sybille Grass -2, Aline Haerry -2, Sammy-Jo Strub -2, Franka Vonholdt -1

Team Rausch: Julika Keller -2, Eliane Blauer -2, Laura Steinbach -2 /Franka Vonholdt -1,

Morgan v. Overbroek-1

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