Argentina and that “I don’t know what” it has..

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It all began with a trip towards adventure. Three friends, three countries and an uncertain future. The original plan was Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

This itinerary was completed to perfection, and was better than planned: the beaches of Brazil surpassed all expectations, the Chilean snow was spectacular, and Argentina had something special..

The three Englishmen went back to their country of origin loaded with stories about the visited continent, and every time that they remarked the goodness about Argentina they mentioned that the “I don’t know what” had a name that was Liliana, who had conquered Jeremy Baker.


It was 1992, and 500 years after the discovery of America, Buenos Aires was the witness of a new conquest that once again would mark the future of many.

After this encounter, there were two years of phone calls and a new trip that sealed the future of Jeremy and Liliana, that in 1996 decided to start a new life  in the old continent. From that point onwards, all holidays had one destination: Argentina.


It was during one of those many trips and the insistence of the Argentinian half of the couple, that the need to have their own spot in this side of the world was generated. And it was thanks to polo that in 2001, a project began to take form in the old house of an Estancia in Cañuelas.

Then the destiny of each exit out of Europe was the same, but the frequency was another: each free instant was an excuse to take the first flight from England and show up in Puesto Viejo.


And because every crisis brings opportunities, it was during the financial crisis of 2008-2009 that the voluntary retirement of the couple was the entry ticket to the Argentinian life. In 2010 Goldman Sachs and Europe passed on to history, and Argentina and Puesto Viejo represented the Future.

The old Puesto became a cozy hotel that hosts guests from all around the world all year round. The 100 original hectares became 220, and the old polo field was upgraded to 6 tifway pitches and a Polo Club with space for 300 horses, 32 individual apartments for grooms, and over 50 members that play during the whole year 4 weekly practices and 13 tournaments programmed from the Club House office that was built in 2014, and hosts corporate events and weddings.


The conqueror was then conquered and Argentina and Polo, became the protagonists of a new story.


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