10th FIP Polo Youth Camp 2016


Redge Ludwig, Kaveh Atrak, Thomas Winter and 32 Polo kids

The 10th FIP Polo Youth Camp 2016 held at the Hamburg Polo Club was a great success with blue skies and warm weather throughout the 4-day bank holiday weekend the setting was perfect as Win PoloSchool under the direction of Thomas Winter (Germanys best Polo player with HCP +4 and HPA instructor) held their 10th anual FiP Polo Youth Camp at the Hamburg Polo Club, the oldest Polo club in continental Europe established 1898.

For four days, children aged 6 to 21 years have had the opportunity to learn Polo from who are probably some of the finest teachers of this sport. Like every year this camp is aimed at young players who just started Polo and those looking to improve their tactics and their play as well as the understanding of Polo rules. And since both languages English and German are spoken, the invitation ist not only aimed at German kids. In fact, participants from all over Europe are welcome.

Ph Bernhard Willroth

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