Chile defeated England and now takes on Argentina

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In the second match of the 7th edition of the Copa de las Naciones, the Chile national team defeated England by 10-9 and now will define the series next tuesday versus Argentina. England was eliminated.

In the match disputed on Palermo’s field 1, England had a better start owed to Tomlinson and Beim, that made an explosive combination, that, combined with Harper’s precise executions, could take the lead by 4 goals when chukka 1 ended.

Chile stepped up in the second chukka, and the big difference was made in the fifth with 4-0 that allowed the team to win the match.

Teams, goals and progression:

Chile (23): Max Silva 5 (1 gol), Felipe Vercellino 5 (4, dos de penal), Jaime García Huidobro 7 (1) and Matías Vial 6 (4 penales).

England (23): Charlie Hanbury 4 (2), Mark Tomlinson 6 (1), James Beim 7 (4, uno de penal) and James Harper 6 (2 penales). Total: 23.


Chile: 0-4, 3-4, 5-5, 5-6, 9-6 y 10-9.


Judges: Juan José Díaz Alberdi y Rafael Silva.                    Referee: Martín Goti.

At 15:30 on Tuesday on Field 1, Argentina and Chile will define who’s the winner of the series.

Photo: Matias Callejo (AAP)


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