Republica Castagnola

The final of the Republica Argentina Cup started with two Subsidiary finals on Palermo’s number two ground. The first one was the Diario La Nacion Cup, where San Gonzalo beat La Irenita Alegria 18-17. Next up was the Canada Cup, where La Quebrada defeated Media Luna 13-6.

Later on Palermo’s number one ground, La Natividad and El Paso Polo Ranch fought for the prestigious Republic Argentina Cup title. La Natividad started the game with a 5 goal handicap advantage and Juan Chavanne replacing Federico Von Potobsky.

It was an outstanding game. Both teams played extremely well. El Paso Polo Ranch had a better start and it looked like the game would end evenly, but Lolo and his sons, as in the Semis, started to find their rhythm in the third chukka, and absolutely owned the match entering the last period by a 7-goal advantage.

Camilo Castagnola (13 years old), who scored the last goal of the 18-13 victory, became the youngest winner in the history of the Cup, breaking the previous record shared by Benjamin Araya (1978) and Javier Novillo Astrada (1990).

La Natividad: Camilo Castagnola 1 (7 goals), Juan Chavanne 5 (1), Bartolome Castagnola Jr. 3, Bartolome Castagnola 8 (5, three penalties and one corner).

El Paso Polo Ranch: Santiago Solari 6 (7, two penalties), Juan Manuel Echeverz 6 (3), Horacio Fernandez Llorente (h) 6 (2), Bautista Arrastua 4 (1).

La Natividad: (5-0) 7-2, 9-6, 12-6, 15-8, 17-10, 18-13

BPP: Chalo Amazonas, ridden by Bartolome Castagnola Jr.

MPA (Polo Argentino): Chalo Chica Buena, ridden by Camilo Castagnola.

Lolo Castagnola: “This is the best thing ever because we won the Republica Cup and for me it’s as big as winning the Argentine Open in 1997, with my father looking at me from the sidelines and the promise that I was going to make it in polo. Winning this Cup and this Open are the biggest highlights of my career. My kids have been in the pony line since they were born, they were there when I played for La Dolfina. It’s natural for them to be playing on Palermo’s number one ground. The Next step for us is to play the Camara, I need to start analyzing about which will our next step be. But we’ve already won one.”


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