El Trebol Win Jose I Domecq Memorial

El Trebol took an impressive 12-5 win over Bayswater and won the traditional XXXVII Memorial Jose I Domecq. The finals took place on Sunday at Santa Maria Polo Club, in Sotogrande.

The winning team dominated the game and the score, widening their advantage chukker after chukker, led by their top player, Pelayo Berazadi.

El Trebol: 4-0, 7-1, 9-3, 10-5, 12,5

El Trebol: Richard Fagan 1, Jaime Serra 2, Pelayo Berazadi 4, Rocho Torreguitar 1


Meanwhile, John Smith Sotovila captured the Subsidiary beating Guardia Real de Marruecos 8 1/2-7 in a great contest.

John Smith Sotovila: 2 1/2-2, 4 1/2-2, 6 1/2-4, 7 1/2-6, 8 1/2-7

John Smith-Sotovila: Gabriel Aguirre 1, Carlos Piñal 1, Diogo Gallego 4, Pedro Beca 1

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