Bayswater gets first victory in Domecq Memorial

The match started after a minute of silence dedicated to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Belgium.

Both teams struggled to score supremacy and the result has been a very even and competitive game.

The first chukka was dominated by John Smith-Sotovila (Carlos Piñal, Pedro Beca, Gabriel Aguirre, Diogo Gallego), that was playing versus Bayswater (Pablo Mora Figueroa, Javier Cepero replacing Juan Carlos Gomez, Segundo Fernandez Llorente, Gabriel Gomez.) Then, Bayswater turned the match around and took the lead in the fifth chukka, winning for a total of 8 to 7 1/2.

BAYSWATER  1-1 1/2, 3-1 1/2, 4-4 1/2, 8-4 1/2 y 8-7 1/2.


To see al the teams and results click here


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